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Dry Firing The USPSA Steel Challenge Smoke & Hope Stage With Friends

We did our dry fire shoot on Zoom with Sam, Alex, Ben, Chris, and Olivia. Can you guess who came down with the best time?

LASR's USPSA Steel Challenge Target (SC-103) Smoke & Hope
We did this to show that you don't need to be on a range with live ammo to get practice in or have fun with friends. This Winter, it shouldn't matter if it's the weather, time of day, cost of ammo, distance, or even access to a range; nothing should hem you up to where you can get any practice or fun competition.

Afterward, we chat with Chris and Olivia (a HS Freshman) about how she went from never having shot to ultimately shaving 60 seconds off her time with LASR to where she is now competing in SASP and USPSA Steel Challenge matches. With a combination of good coaching from Dad, dry fire practice with LASR, and focus, not even COVID lockdowns could keep her from her pursuit.

If you're interested in competing or have a young athlete that has been looking for a safe sport where they can compete on a team and as an individual, take listen to this 30-minute video and discover the world of Competitive Shooting Sports.


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