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Conquering Challenges from a Seated Shooting position

Conquering Challenges from a Seated Shooting position

This video explores the unique challenge of drawing from a seated position using a table or steering wheel. Improve your dryfire skills with these tips and techniques! 🎯 Sign up for LASR X ➡︎ 👀 Watch This Video Next: ============================= Products That Work With This Video ============================= LASR X ➡︎ LASR Classic Pack: ➡︎ SIRT Laser Trainers ➡︎ ============================= ⏰ Timestamps ⏰ ============================= 00:00 Introduction to Unique Shooting Challenges 00:12 Drawing from a Seated Position: The Basics 00:37 Incorporating Movement and Obstacles 00:45 Practicing with a Simulated Steering Wheel 01:17 Software Setup and Shot Accountability 02:02 Variations in Seated Shooting Positions 03:37 Safety Tips and Reholstering Recommendations 04:54 Exploring Different Shooting Scenarios 08:48 Adjusting for Realistic Conditions and Clothing Interference 14:16 Concluding Thoughts and Safety Reminders =========================== Connect with us! ============================= Tik Tok: ➡︎ IG: ➡︎ Facebook: ➡︎ Facebook Group: ➡︎ =========================== Save with our Affiliate Codes ============================= Save on 9mm Freedom Seed prices: ➡︎ Save on .45 ACP Freedom Seed prices: ➡︎ Save on Gas on our next trip to a Match: ➡︎ Need a Medical Kit? How about one made by someone who knows how to keep Marines Stitched together. ➡︎ 🎯 Sign up for LASR X ➡︎

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