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Dry Fire Over A Zoom Call. Sam & Ben On The Pendulum!

Who said a Zoom call had to be all about business? We wanted to show how quick and easy it is to set up informal competitions with your buddies using LASR X, inert laser trainers like SIRTs, and any targets you want to use.

In this case, Sam & I used the USPSA Steel Challenge Stage (SC-106) Pendulum and the SIRT trainers we had in the office. The difference is Sam is at the office in Beatrice, and I was in Plano.

Now we didn't expect to shoot blazing times (that was obvious). But this was our chance to break the regular daily routine and get some practice. More importantly, we were having fun and working on drawing from the holster, grip, sight picture accuracy & time. Sam did have the fastest time from all the previous sets we did at 4.19 Seconds, but we didn't capture that on camera.

Dry fire doesn't have to be dry; call up your buddy and challenge them. With LASR X, you can quickly set up and use any targets, and in this case, a Zoom Call (I'm sure with the lockdowns, that's something most of us are all too familiar with), and we were up and running.

Who said Zoom Calls had to be only about work!!

Disclaimer: No walls were shot, we practiced safety as if we were at an actual real range, and no one was harmed other than my ego!

Got some drills you run? Post them and tag us. We might even set up a USPSA Steel Challenge match on Zoom later for some fun. Let us know if that sounds interesting.

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