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Build A Practice Target Frame Holder For LASR & Other Practice Posters by

The USPSA Steel Challenge Posters continue to be winners, with many folks grabbing a set before the Holidays. If you haven't, I will encourage you to check them out and order what you need before Monday next week to get them before the Christmas Weekend.

The question for some of you is, what is a good way to hang and practice your USPSA Steel Challenge Stages, so you protect and reuse the target poster? For that one, I'll share a laser target holder that Timothy Dignan built and is using today.

Shout-out to Timothy Dignan of for sharing what he's set up in his corner of The LASR Nation. Starting with the materials and parts list for the 19" x 72" frame.




1" X 2" X 6' Pine Board (straight, buy premium)


10 X 1 1/4 Pocket screws (only if you have pocket hole jig)

NOTE: You may have to join differently, see below


1/4" X 1 1/2" Fender washers


Rectangle Ceramic Block Magnets (Harbor Freight or craft store)


Glue Clear Gorilla multi-purpose


Crafter's Square Felt (Dollar Tree or craft store)


6" Lighting Fixture Chain (whatever laying around house)


1/8 in. x 1-1/4 in. Zinc-Plated Rope S-Hook


#8 Zinc-Plated Steel Screw Hook (about 2.5" long)


3/4 in. x 6' Galvanized Steel Pipe


Torch Stand Accessory Cast Iron Black (other option available, small buckets and cement)

Cut, Join & Glue (look at photos)

  • Cut one of the 6' long boards into four 16" pieces

  • Join cross boards to longboards (one on each end, then 2 feet apart) using pocket screws


Note: Once set, glue can take several hours, then let dry overnight.

  • Cut and glue felt to one side of magnets and fender washers

  • Glue felt cover fender washer to longboards

    • (top and bottom) at each end

    • center

    • 1.5' from center (each direction) and

    • 2' from the center (each direction)

  • Attach S-hook to the chain and screw in Hook Eye into the top of frame

Other join options:

  • End join - dowel pins or 6 X 2" flat head drywall screws and glue or

  • Cut cross boards 19" long, 6 X 1" flat head screw and glue 6' longboard to cross boards

Again thank you to Timothy Dignan of for sharing his solution for a better dry fire experience. I'd also encourage you to visit and support fellow Americans like Timothy, in the 2A Community who are hard at work using their talents and passions to keep America strong!

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