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LASR and Olivia "Livieliveshot" Albertson Team Up

At LASR, we believe in building the 2A Community to last for generations. This is why we are always excited when young Americans are interested in learning about firearms and competition. We especially enjoy stories of families sharing their heritage, enjoyment, and respect for guns.

We want to introduce you to Livie, who just returned from the 2022 Scholastic Action Shooting Program's (SASP) Nationals Competition with her Dripping Springs Shooting Club. Here's more about Olivia in her own words and a list of some of her accomplishments. Yea, to Livie and her dad Chris, for introducing her to a great sport.

Olivia Albertson Age 13

I have been shooting with my dad since I was very little, but I really started when I joined the Dripping Springs Shooting Team when I was 11. I shoot SASP, Steel Challenge, and starting to shoot in USPSA. I really enjoy shooting and the people involved. The discipline and self-assurance have been a big motivation for me to keep working hard.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”


  • SASP Nationals

    • 2nd place HOA RFPI RFPO CPO 1911

    • 3rd place HOA RFRI

  • Southwest CCMU Championship HOA RFPI, RFPO

  • Valentine’s Day Regional Virtual HOA RFPI, RFPO, RFRI

  • Texas State Champion HOA SASP RFPI, RFPO, and RFRI


  • Southwest CCMU Championship HOA RFPI

  • TYAS State Rifle Championship HOA RFPI

  • Texas State Champion HOA SASP RFPI

  • Fall Regional HOA RFPI, RFPO

  • 2nd Place National HOA finish RFPI, RFPO

Follow Olivia and her progress on Instagram @livieliveshot

Parents if you're looking for a sports team program, I'd commend you to check out SASP! There's probably a club near you. LASR offers discounts for SASP-related purchases and a portion goes back to help the National Organization.

For Immediate Release:

LASR Team for IMMEDIATE RELEASE COPY - Livieliveshot
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