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How to use our Forum

Instructions on how to get started and participate in the LASR Forum

Welcome to the LASR Forum


We are here because we understand the importance of dry fire training, not just to save on ammunition and money but as an integral way for individuals to conduct laser target / pistol training at home.  In addition, it is the perfect way for instructors to prep your students and trainees on firearms handling and engraining the correct weapons manipulations and manual of arms for their specific kit, training scenario, and carry environment.

The LASR Users Community is perhaps the best in the Second Community Space, so get plugged in.  If you're new to firearms ownership and training, ask questions--we were all new to the space at one time.  If you've been in the space for quite some time, share what you have learned.  We are the ones raising the next generation to love and cherish this God-Given Right.  How and what we instill in them will determine the legacy we leave behind.

Just remember, we are the Second Amendment Community.  Unfortunately, some folks are always ready to pounce on us for how we conduct ourselves and speak, so let's remember to police ourselves.


***If you are ever in doubt about the safety, technique, or drills you read about here, seek out the guidance and instruction from a qualified instructor.***

None of the products or techniques you see here, dry fire, LASR X, LASR Classic, et al., are ever intended to replace live fire or training from a qualified instructor.  So be sure to find instructors, get training, and get out to your local ranges and help support the Second Amendment Community. 


There are two ways to log in to the Forum:


The Member's Area Login in the footer of our website or the Forum Login on the Forum page


If you are signing up for the first time, select Sign up with Facebook, Google+, or email.  Log in from either option.  You will then be brought to the Sign-Up page.  Here you can enter or create your account and a password.  Next, select "Login" and log in with your email and password if you are a return visitor.



Once you have created an account, you can create your profile.

Hover your mouse over the login portal and select "My Profile" or "Profile."

Select the edit button to enter your name and add a profile photo if you wish.

Select "Save" after your changes.

On the right side of your profile, feel free to type a welcome message or say a little about yourself.

You can also add photos or videos to your profile by selecting the photo or video icon.

Once your changes are complete, select the "Publish" button.


You can select "My Account" on the left sidebar to add or edit your information, such as your name, email, etc.  Select "Update Info" when completed.



You can select "Settings" on the left sidebar to control how and when you are notified via email.  For example, you can turn on or off email notifications when you receive a like when someone comments on one of your posts, updates about members' posts you follow, and general notes about the Forum.



The Forum Posts link on the left sidebar will display all the posts that you have authored.



Select and click which category for which you would like to create a post.

Once in the category listing, select the "Create New Post" button on the right.

Give your post a title, and then enter your text.

Every time you hit return in the body of your post,  a '+' sign will appear in a circle.  Click this circle to add an image, image gallery, video, divider, or HTML code into your post.

When you have completed your post, select "Publish."



If you select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of any post you created, you can choose to edit the post, delete the post, or share the post on social media.  You can also follow or unfollow any post in the Forum.



By clicking the magnifying glass icon on the main forum page, you can search all categories of the Forum for keywords; if you click the icon on a category page, you can search for keywords in that entire category.


After entering your keyword(s), hit 'enter' on your keyboard to see the search results.  Posts that contain your keyword will be displayed, with instances of the keyword highlighted in yellow.



If you select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of any post you created, you can choose to edit the post, delete the post, or share the post on social media.  You can also follow or unfollow any post in the Forum.

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