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Do You Know The Answer To This POP QUIZ?

Athletes, Parents and Coaches, this year the Scholastic Action Shooting Program has announced a new 8th stage of fire to their program. As a substitute for the traditional In & Out stage, SASP's new stage challenges its athletes to place fast and accurate well-placed shots.

There are still the traditional five plates competitors are familiar with. However, a new "Penalty" target (depicted in guard orange in our image) has been introduced to force athletes to be fast and accurate. This reinforces accuracy and introduces accountability for every shot that leaves their gun. Striking the penalty palate adds 3 seconds to the athlete's time.

Used with permission. Copyright © 2022 Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

To help SASP competitors prepare for the new stage, LASR has produced the Pop Quiz practice poster. So whether you want an individual stage to practice or the entire set, you can SASP dry fire session for yourself, your athlete, or your club.

With LASR X or LASR Classic, these posters become the perfect training solution.


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