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5 To Go with SHOOTER READY CHALLENGE - December 2022

Shooter Ready? Stand by. . . beep! (and you're done in 3 seconds)

The folks over at are at it again with their December episode of Shooter Ready Challenge. This time Riley Bowman walks us through the first stage of the USPSA's Steel Challange Competitions (SC-101) called 5 To Go, using LASR X.

Riley gives a great overview of the world of Steel Challenge and what the first-time shooter or spectator will see at one of these matches. He also gives some coaching on basic ergonomics and strategy of negotiating the steel plates central to these types of matches.

If you like the style and teaching content, we commend you to check out the other drills Riley has done on the Shooter Ready Challenge home page.

If you're interested in the targets Riley mentions in the video, you can find them here in our store. They are available to you as individual stages or as entire sets in either the 36# inkjet bond paper (seen on the video) or the hardier scrim vinyl.

Whether you participate in Steel Challenge matches or are just looking for targets that give you additional practice with transitions, speed, and mastering draw and acceleration, as Riley mentions, our Steel Challenge Targets are a great tool for the instructor or student alike.


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