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What's Better Than USPSA Steel Challenge Posters To Practice At Home?

Over this last month and the Christmas holiday, folks reached out to us to ask if there is an option to print the posters on heartier material than even the 36# paper we are running. Our print shop suppliers have recommended posters on scrim vinyl. This is material often used for banners and outdoor signage, so they offer a degree of ruggedness (Note: LASR software is not officially supported for outdoor environments, although if you control the lighting, it can work).

The main difference

The smallest size scrim only available to us is 24", which is 6" taller than the 36# Inkjet bond paper. However, this won't affect the standoff distance, the width of the practice stages, or the height at which you would hang the posters.

The larger size may require tape, velcro, or attachment hardware to support the heavier material without sagging. I recommend about 28 of these, which you can get from LOWE's.

Please keep in mind I don't know the surface you are attaching them to (e.g., wallpaper, plaster, wood paneling, etc.), so before you adhere to anything, ensure it won't damage the surface.

How does the scrim compare to the paper versions? You can see me shoot on the scrim version on our Smoke & Hope Shootout while everyone else was using the paper versions.

400 gsm Scrim Vinyl Version Of Smoke & Hope Shot On LASR Classic
36# / 140gsm Inkjet Bond Version Of Smoke & Hope Shot On LASR X

If you are interested in purchasing the scrim vinyl version of the posters, you can place preorders at this link.

Select the scrim under the material type when you get to the link. We'll be taking pre-orders with a scheduled date of Mid-January to begin shipping.


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