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LASR dry fire drills with SHOOTER READY CHALLENGE - November 2022


I was in pain like I had never felt before . . . but from what!!

Not even a minute ago, I had fun waterskiing for the first time. I was out of the water for 30 seconds!

Now the pain in my foot nauseated me as I struggled to climb onboard the boat.

I managed to lift myself out of the water. That's when I saw the 2-inch gash on the top of my right foot gushing blood every time my heart pulsed. (I am wincing even now)

Apparently, on the advice of one of my classmates on the boat to use the ledge of the boat prop as a step, I violently smashed the top of my foot on one of the prop blades.

Thankfully the skipper of the ski boat was my classmate's dad and a surgeon, who sewed me up on board with the front 7 of my classmates!

Stuff happens, and when you think things are under control, you're suddenly in trouble. Medical care may not always be on board, and you could be busy treating yourself and defending yourself or your loved ones.

If you're searching for exercises to train on, LOOK HERE-->

P.S. Now, 34 Years later, I've only logged a total of 30 seconds of waterskiing in my entire life. I think I'll stick with guns.

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