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Shooter Ready? Stand by! Get on the board with LASR.

LASR is excited to offer dry fire training tools to help shooters of all levels improve their skills. Our dry fire poster and SIRT 110 Pro are great ways to improve your trigger control and accuracy. The LASR Classic software provides instant feedback to see your improvement with each shot.

The Guardian Conference was a great opportunity for shooters to test their skills and get some practice with our informal LASR Challenge.

In between the classes, shooters came by a shoot for time and a chance to get on the leaderboard. The competition consisted of your best of 3 runs shooting Scholastic Action Shooting Program "Exclamation" from the low ready using our dry fire poster, with the SIRT 110 Pro by NextLevel Training on LASR Classic Software.

Stop by our booth and flex your trigger muscle if you catch us at the next conference or trade show!

Our winner from this event was Tanner Smith, with his clean run of 3.19 seconds. This week we'll send him a LASR Classic License and a SIRT 110 PRO for his pistol prowess! Second Place was Joshua Dahn @ 3.62, and Third Place was Rex Robertson @ 3.63. Both Joshua and Rex will be getting a LASR Classic License. Congratulations, and thank you to all who participated!

Check out this one-minute video of some of the action in LASR Nation!

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