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The Difference Between Cover Vs Concealment. In A Firefight, Use Your Environment To Your Advantage.

August's Shooter Ready Challenge by the folks at is all about training and working around cover in various positions to get the most effective hits on target.

For those starting their journey in the everyday carry lifestyle, it's important to understand the difference between cover vs. concealment in the context of a firefight. Join Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster as they discuss using them to your advantage if available.

What is Cover

Something that will stop or significantly slow down a bullet. Common examples include walls, cars, and sandbags. If you can see the threat, they can see you. Use cover to your advantage by using it to set up ambush points or taking cover behind a hard object while returning fire.

What is Concealment

Something that will hide you from view but won't necessarily stop a bullet. This could be foliage, shadows, or even smoke if you're in an urban environment. Concealment does not make you invulnerable - bullets can penetrate many common forms of concealment - but it may give you the element of surprise when engaging a threat.

Tune into today's podcast episode to learn more about how to use cover and concealment in a firefight! And don't forget to check out the August Shooter Ready Challenge and their other episodes at Stay safe out there, shooters!


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