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Join us for GSSF in Talladega, AL!

Three times in less than 6 months, I feel like it's LASR's home range! We were there for MatchTracker's Alabama State Shoot and USPSA Steel Challenge World's Match and

we're headed back to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in September!

This time it's for the--

Folks, Im telling you, if you haven't been to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, it is awesome! Now add in with what is the equivalent of the World Series match for the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation. . . if you are not here, what's the excuse? It is that good!

You do have to sign up and become a member f the GSSF program, but that opens the doors to so many other GSSF matches across the US throughout the year. I am looking at their website today, and there are still 27 more matches this year, and it's August! (click here) and make sure to visit their Facebook Page.

Worried about practice or pre-match jitters? We got you covered. We've made a convenient way to practice for the matches in the privacy of your own home and without ammo; check out our practice posters and our LASR software to turn your small office or bedroom into your own dry fire range.

Hope to see you at the range! Cheers, Ben


Also, when you're ready, here are a few ways we can help--

  1. Join our free community on Facebook at (The LASR Nation)

  2. Ultimately you prove your all dry fire practice with live fire. You can check ammo prices here.

  3. Looking for the best in first aid or medical kits? We recommend the Mountain Man Medical Kits. It's the same one we have in our office! Created by Doc McLaughlin, a Navy Corpsman who knows how to keep Marines stitched together!

  4. Check out Brownell's discounts for July--

    • $20 Off Orders $200+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG20

    • $55 Off Orders $500+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG55

    • $120 Off Orders $1000+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG120

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