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Our satisfied dryfire customers share their stories. 

A hunter and his dog is a satisfied LASR customer
A woman at target practice is a satisfied LASR customer
A police team is a satisfied LASR customer
A mother at target practice is a satisfied LASR customer

Very satisfied

I very satisfied with your L.A.S.R. programm. I'm using this tool since 2 week almost every day with my SIRT 110 training pistol. Great combination. My skill and accuracy are getting better and better. Also I recommend the advanced camera. Works much better than the previously used one.

PS Sorry for my weak English. My mother tongue is German.

Olaf T.


Wonderfull System

As an NRA instructor I'm always looking for ways to work with my students. LASR has made it a wonderful experience both professionally and privately.

David T.


"In a real gunfight, you won't have a choice of a do over so you better get it right the first time"

S.I.R.T. was recommended to me by USTACRA. I am a Volunteer Chaplain for my local Police dept. I am also part of our Concealed carry safety team for my local faith group. It is hard for me to schedule frequent time to go to the range or to to schedule Virtual range time to keep current with my skill.

This system has afforded me a better dry fire practice experience daily to get practice presenting from the holster from various shooting positions. What I mean is from sitting, kneeling, laying down and behind various objects such as a table or doorway. The L.A.S.R. system has afforded me valuable and instant feedback that has allowed me to hone my skills.

My range time has improved in my shooting skills as a result with less expense on ammo. I believe if you choose to carry, you need this system. Paraphrasing from my friend at USTACRA. "In a real gunfight, you won't have a choice of a do over so you better get it right the first time"

I had to overcome the initial cost. But we all know if we are doing what we need to do we will spend far more on ammo to stay properly trained and we train less because of the cost of ammo. So get the system. It may be you that has to back me up and I want the best trained on my 6.

Rustin R.


A "Must Have" For Dry Fire Training

I have been very impressed with this software and the plug-ins. Being able to practice in the house great!

It worked out very well for me. I happened upon LASR wasting time during the recent snow storm that hit the east coast. It worked out well for me since I already had the tools I needed...(1) laptop (2) webcam (3) Tripod (4) 9mm LaserAmmo. All I had to do was buy and download the software.

Over the holidays I had ordered a LaserAmmo LaserPET. Lucky for me it was on back-order. After I got my LASR environment setup that order was canceled.

My SIRT pistol has now been ordered so that I can start using the timed shot capabilities.

David P.


A fun and cost-effective way to practice

Just getting started shooting in GSSF competitions, so I was looking for a way to practice that was cost-effective, useful and frankly fun.
With the range not very close by, I realized I needed something.
Reading a forum post, a poster described his experiences with the L.A.S.R. product.
The more I read and researched, the more I was intrigued.

After thinking about it for a bit, I pulled the trigger (pun intended.)
Ended up ordering the software, webcam and SIRT pistol.
I was pleased at the online delivery of the software and the speed of delivery with the physical items.

Like most things, set-up can be a challenge.
Once I followed the suggestions for lighting, I was up and running in no time.

After a few hours of using the product, I ordered and installed most of the plug-ins.
At this stage, I was not interested in the shooter watch plug-in.
I highly recommend the target templates pug-in.
Having the desired paper targets with pre-designed templates is awesome.

In no time, I was notified of the software update which installed quickly and easily.
Also installed the custom sounds plugin too.
There is something really fun about hitting targets with sounds from favorite movies, and sound effects.

Without really intending to, we now have a multi-drill indoor L.A.S.R. range set up.
Now my spouse and children are interested to "go shoot."
Printing fun targets really adds to this experience.
With family interested in using this product, we have a safe way to reinforce safe gun practices and improve skills easily.

Earlier this week, some of my non-gun relatives came over and my youngest suggested we give it a try.
Most everyone had a surprisingly good time.

Back to the reason, I initially purchased the product...improve my skills.
Between GSSF competitions, I purchased and used this product.
It may have been due to other factors as well, but my times (and confidence) improved after using this product.

I find myself spending more time practicing because of the speed, customizationtion and convenience.
This is a great product which I highly recommend.

Tobin L B.


A lot of fun

I bought the LASR software and a Logitech camera to use in my personal training regime as a private person who carries concealed every day. The LASR software installed easily and recognized the camera immediately whether plugged direction into my laptop at home or via USB hub at the office. The flexibility of this training device is amazing and I still haven’t explored all of its functions. Despite the complexity and comprehensive nature of the software’s capabilities, the user interface is excellent I have not encountered any glitches and it is mostly self-explanatory. Not only does LASR offer a useful and efficacious training device, it’s a lot of fun, too. The worst thing about LASR is that it is difficult to shut it down and walk away from it and get on with my day!

Timothy K.


An outstanding product!!

Very happy with my LASR software purchase. It loaded without a hitch and I was up and shooting in about 10 minutes after the download. The program is extremely user friendly even for a non-tech guy like myself and since both my wife and I shoot, I save double the amount on ammunition. It works a charm with my SIRT pistol. An outstanding product!!

Bradley S.


Awesome Training Tool

I purchased the L.A.S.R Shoot Reporter, Plugin Bundle, SIRT 107 Pro, extra mags and a holster. I am extremely impressed with this product. Not only is it a useful training tool, it's fun to use which makes me even more motivated to use it. I have not yet fully utilized all the features within the software but I am looking forward to expanding my level of dryfire practice soon. This is a high quality and robust training system and I would definitely recommend it whether you're a newbie or an experienced gun enthusiast.

Jim C.


Best dry fire practice program

I purchased the dry fire program and just love it. This is the best dry fire practice program I have ever purchased. I will be letting the AG&AG members of our club give it a try as well. I especially like the ability to use more then one target and have random calls to reload. I haven't played with all the things this can do yet but I will be recommending this to anyone who wants a good dry fire program. Especially the members of A Girl & A Gun organization. Great product and I'm am very happy with my purchase.

Dolly H.


Cannot recommend it enough.

The LASR shot trainer program and laser ammo purchased for my Beretta 92 works brilliantly. Has resulted in a significant improvement in timing and accuracy. Demonstrated the system at the club last Saturday and there were a lot of favourable comments from members. Best thing is the price, value for money and ease of operation. Cannot recommend it enough.

Mark S.


Completely worth the money

I first heard about lasr from a firearms instructor he had a demo using it and i had to have it from that moment. I have improved almost a full second for draw and reloads in only a couple weeks. I love that you can set up other peoples drills and it never really gets boring since its something different every day

Cory H.


Easy to setup and start training

I was setup with the software, and training with my SIRT pistol within 20 minutes of purchase. Amazing product that is easy to use and offers many advanced options for those who want a custom tuned training session. Awesome price too!

Jason G.


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