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🥇We're Goin' at it again!💥

It's ON! Starting on 09/15/2023 at 9:00 AM (CDT) and running till 09/17/2023 at 2:20 PM (CDT) -- less than a month, the GSSF Annual Shoot at CMP Talladega will be hammer down! We're heading back to join our friends and fellow vendors to see just who exactly has mastered that Glock Perfection. Check out the video below if you've never been to a Glock Sports Shooting Foundation Match. The match will bring beginners to masters and Glocks of all models and generations to test their skills against paper and steel.

Watch the Video from last year's 35th Anniversary October Segment - Sport Shooting with GSSF. (Click Here)


Click Here to be part of GSSF and register for a match near you.


How about you? Are you a GSSF Competitive Shooter or thinking about it?

If so, you know that dry firing is an essential part of the practice. That's why LASR proudly supports the Glock Community and the LASR Nation with our GSSF dry fire posters. Click here to get yours. Our dryfire posters are a convenient and safe way to practice at home. Work on your time, accuracy, and transitions without firing a single round of ammo. Run LASR Classic with a laser trainer with a resetting trigger, along with our posters, and you can work on speed and accuracy for GSSF all year round. Stop by our booth in the vendor bay when you're at Talladega to see what so many others have discovered.

practicing with LASR Classic and GSSF dryfire posters
practicing with LASR Classic and GSSF dryfire posters

LIMA, OH (WLIO) - In between rounds of the GLOCK Sports Shooting competition on Saturday, some of the competitors checked out how they could set up their own range in their own homes with the Laser Activated Shot Reporter (LASR) system. (Click Here to learn more about LASR.)

See you all at the match! Cheers, Ben

Our GSSF dry fire posters are independent of any affiliation with Glock, its affiliates, and its partners. None of the parties has had involvement in the creation or approval of this offering; all legally recognized trademarks, logos designs, and service marks remain exclusive to their rightful owners.


Also, when you're ready, here are a few ways we can help--

  1. Join our free community on Facebook at (The LASR Nation)

  2. Ultimately, you prove your all dry fire practice with live fire. You can check ammo prices here.

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Sep 29, 2023

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