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Join Our Impromptu Dryfire Challenge

Are you looking for a fun way to practice your shooting skills? Do you want to join an impromptu dryfire challenge that will help you improve your accuracy? If so, then this one is for you! It's relatively short notice, but we've had folks ask us to let them in.

Sam and I had a lot of fun this week dryfiring with the LASR USPSA Steel Challenge SC-106 Pendulum Practice Poster. So we're opening up the Zoom bridge to others who might want to join in on the fun and dryfire.

So, come on and join us for about an hour if you're already home for the holidays; it doesn't matter whether you're dryfiring, just watching, or have questions. The challenge stage we are doing is the Smoke & Hope stage. To join in--

LASR's USPSA Steel Challenge Target (SC-103) Smoke & Hope

You'll need--

*If you use a laser trainer that incorporates a real firearm, you are responsible for making sure the weapon is safe and clear of any actual ammunition before dryfiring.

Dryfiring can be an excellent way to improve your shooting skills without going out into the field. Dryfiring allows you to focus on technique, target acquisition, and trigger control without recoil, so you are working on the fundamentals. Here's how it went last time-->

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced shooter looking for some friendly competition, our impromptu dryfire challenge will surely be a blast! Register now if you want in on all the fun – we'll see you there at 12:30 CT sharp!


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