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Calling All Texans! Grand Opening for Entertain Safety Firearms Training November 5

Looking for exceptional firearms training to develop your defensive firearms skills? Or know someone interested in firearms but intimidated and overwhelmed by jumping into ownership and training?

Entertain Safety Firearms Training, located in Conroe, Texas, is having a Grand Opening on November 5, where they will showcase some of the ways they incorporate the LASR system into their firearms training courses.

About Entertain Safety Firearms Training

Entertain Safety Firearms Training is a boutique firearms training team led by a Certified Safety Professional and NRA and USCCA Certified Firearms Instructors. Randy and Anna King founded Entertain Safety Firearms Training to fill a need for high-quality, accessible, professional, and safe training for new and experienced gun owners.

How Entertain Safety Uses the LASR System to Maximize the Effectiveness of Their Training

Entertain Safety Firearms Training uses an indoor training facility where their clients can develop and practice firearms skills using dry fire with SIRT laser pistols and the LASR training software, under the professional guidance of certified firearms instructors, before, after, and in between range training sessions with their certified instructors. Working with Entertain Safety can save people time, money, and overwhelm by maximizing the effectiveness of training sessions while minimizing the cost of ammo and time on the range.

Entertain Safety Firearms Training is excited to be invited by LASR to provide an introduction on the LASR blog and welcome their followers, family, friends, and networks, to their Grand Opening on

November 5, 11:00 am-8:00 pm

3500 West Davis St.

Suite 310

Conroe, TX 77304

To learn more about Entertain Safety Firearms Training, head to their website:

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