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NEW for the Scholastic Action Shooting Program!

I've always been a huge supporter of youth programs that support traditional activities for our American Youth. From teaching economics to inner-city youth in High School, teaching Sunday School at church, and supporting the Scholastic Action Shooting Sports program, what we pour into our youth and invest, we will receive in return as our heritage.

This is why we're excited to tell you about the Scholastic Action Shooting Posters we're getting ready to release. Hot on the heels and in the spirit of our very successful USPSA Steel Challenge posters are our line of SASP posters in All Seven (7) stages--psssst, I've heard there may be a new 8th stage on the way.

How the Practice Posters Work

The SASP Practice Posters are designed to help shooters of all skill levels improve their shooting accuracy and speed. Each poster features a SASP stage; hang them on a wall with the headline mark at 5', and you'll have the same perspective from the shooter's box if you stand back 5' from the poster.

This makes it easy to see if you're on target and allows you to keep track of your progress over time. The posters are also printed on matte-finished heavy-duty 36# inkjet bond paper. If you choose to laminate them, laminate only the back so that when you use them with the LASR software, the reflection from room lights or even the laser does not cause problems.

Why You The Practice Posters

You need to get your reps in and practice if you want to be competitive. And while there's no substitute for live fire training, sometimes it's not possible or convenient to make it to the range.

That's where the SASP Practice Posters come in because, with these, you can dry fire at home, at your clubhouse, or wherever your team meets! Too cold, too wet, too dark, whatever; it doesn't matter. We want to take away the excuses and resistance to practice. (Whether you're the mom, the dad, or the student, getting in the practice time can be tough--I know I played trombone and took lessons back in my more handsome days!)

Maybe you're concerned because this is your first time being involved with guns--we get it. EVERYONE who shoots today had to start at one time. NO ONE was born knowing how to shoot. Practice posters, laser trainers, and our LASR Software make for fun and low-risk if you're still learning. (Even the best of us are always learning)

The Best Competitors & Fire Arms Professionals Dry Fire

Just do a Duck-Duck-Go search or scour Rumble, and you'll see that when you dry fire, you're not alone. This is how the best practice; this dry fire is also how the Marines and Army teach thousands of civilians how to shoot every year. Dry fire has been around for centuries.

I'll leave you with a highlight video of one of your fellow SASP competitors using a poster of our Software LASR X. If you go to Nationals or shoot here in Texas, you might run into Miss @livieliveshot. You can also give her a follow on Instagram.

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