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Bullseye Every Time: How to Nail Dryfire Home Training with LASR Classic on Mac and VMWare Fusion!

Hey there, fellow shooters and Mac enthusiasts! In this post, we're diving back into the world of running LASR Classic on your Mac. In a last post, I introduced Parallels as a seamless option, but let's be real – not everyone's ready to shell out for software. That's where VMWare Fusion 13 swoops in as your free ticket to Windows apps on your Mac. Get comfy because we'll dive deep into installation with VMWare's Fusion.

The Quest for a Free Alternative: VMWare Fusion 13

Before I jetted off to the GSSF Match in Lima, OH, I was singing the praises of Parallels in my August 18th post, "Dryfire with LASR Classic on Your Mac: Parallels Simple & Subscription." Setting up Parallels was almost as easy as a "set and forget it" Ron Popeil infomercial – albeit with a few tweaks. However, Parallels comes at a cost: $129 upfront or a $99 annual subscription, not to mention the additional expense of a Windows OS license. That's a double whammy for your wallet.

The VMWare Fusion Revelation: A Free Alternative So, let's talk about the unsung hero of free virtualization: VMWare Fusion 13. The great thing? It's free if you're using it for personal purposes. The setup process has improved by leaps and bounds since my initial exploration. And trust me, many Mac users might find setting up Fusion and dealing with the Mac Terminal interface less befuddling than installing the Windows OS.

When I first delved into VMWare Fusion, it was like discovering a hidden gem. With Fusion's strides in ease and my growing excitement, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that made this process a breeze.

VMWare Fusion 13 Installation: A User-Friendly Odyssey

Step 1: Ready, Set, Go!

To start this adventure, head to Andrew Tsai's recent YouTube video, "VMware can FINALLY GAME on Mac and.. IT'S FREE?" Andrew's guides you through the entire installation process.

Step 2: Registration and Download

In Andrew's video, you'll register and download VMWare Fusion 13. Remember, this is free for personal use. The installation process is like a well-choreographed dance – smooth and surprisingly enjoyable. I remember feeling a sense of triumph as I registered and downloaded VMWare Fusion 13. The idea that I could get the best of both Mac and Windows worlds without shelling out a cent was exhilarating.

Step 3: Prepare the Windows ARM .iso

Things get interesting here, especially for Apple M1/M2 Mac users. Andrew's video outlines building and prepping the Windows ARM .iso file, an essential step. Fusion now includes DirectX 11 support. While it might not directly enhance LASR Classic, this is a plus if you're into Windows gaming.

When I first saw the phrase "Windows ARM .iso," I braced myself for a technical nightmare compared to Parallels. But Andrew's video broke it down so well that I felt like a tech wizard by the end of it.

The Road Ahead: Installing LASR Classic in VMWare Fusion 13

You've done it – Windows is now a proud resident of your Mac, thanks to VMWare Fusion 13. The next step is bringing LASR Classic into the virtualized fold.

In our upcoming post, we will install LASR Classic within the cozy confines of your virtual machine. We'll take it step by step, and I promise you won't need a PhD in computer science to pull it off.

Final Thoughts: Whether you're a seasoned tech enthusiast or just dipping your toes into virtualization waters, VMWare Fusion 13 is a fantastic solution to run LASR Classic on your Mac without breaking the bank.

Remember, this blog post is your roadmap, but technology is ever-evolving. Always double-check official sources for the latest info. Stay tuned for our next post, where we'll walk you through the LASR Classic installation process in your VM environment.

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