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No Milling Required Option: Mount Red Dot Sites on SIRTs

Shout out to Pete Balkus for letting me know about another option for getting a red dot sight on your SIRT. This one does NOT require milling, and you can get it off Amazon. It's the

DPP Titanium Rear Sight Dovetail Mount/Mounting Plate/Adapter Compatible with Glock Holosun 507K, Shield RMS

Pete shared some images of his SIRT for us to post, where he used the DDP Mounting plate on the SIRT 110 PRO to attach his Holosun.

At the cost of less than $50, and it shows it can still get to you before Christmas, it looks like a pretty good deal. I'm sure if you post your questions here for Pete, he can fill you in a bit more about how it's worked for him.

The Description shows it comes in either Aluminum or Titanium and says -

I've provided an affiliate link we have from Amazon for the item. So if you use it, Amazon will send us some love; just how much love? Maybe enough for Uncle Sam to take >50% like he did the from the PowerBall winner last month.

Again a shout-out to Pete Balkus. Thank you for the info and for sharing ways for folks in the LASR Nation to get some training at a reasonable cost!

If you have ways you've addressed and want to share with others, shoot us an email at, and we'll post it.

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