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LASR Dry-Fire Training Solutions

We offer two options for our premier dry-fire training solution to best fit your requirements.  Train in the privacy of your own home, in your room, with devices you likely already own.
LASR X and LASR Classic

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Dynamic Dry Fire

If you want to save your ammunition and money and train in places where you just can't use live ammo... then this is the most important dry fire training software you'll ever purchase!

  • Dry Fire Training Software That Doesn't Require The User To Have Ammo To Train

  • Forget Expensive And Bulky Projector Systems Or Huge Screens That Take Up An Entire Room

  • Runs On Any Device That Has A Web Browser, Internet Connection, And A Camera

  • Very Portable And Ability To Train Almost Anywhere Using Anything As A Target

You've waited long enough to save your ammunition and money - Order Now!

LASRX running on a mobile phone, laptop and tablet
LASR X target practice setup

Target of your choice

Firearm / Laser Training Device

Tablet / Device

  • Internet-based

  • Runs on any device with a web browser, internet connection, and a camera.

  • Can be networked with up to 10 licensed devices so you can incorporate movement into your practice, conduct multi-room drills & shoot-house training scenarios.

  • Post-shot diagnostics for more insights into your shooting

  • Optional Plugin packages for drills

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Laser Classic running on a laptop

LASR Classic uses either the onboard camera of your computer or an external Webcam to watch any targets for laser/IR impacts from either laser-bullet inserts or training pistols.

Requires a Windows environment, and it does not require you to be connected to the internet to use.  This makes it perfect for use in locations there is no Internet.

If you train with recoil-simulating devices, you'll want LASR Classic and the LASR Classic Advanced Camera (LCAC), and you'll be ready for the dry fire line.

LASR Classic target practice setup

Target of your choice

Firearm / Laser Training Device

PC / Laptop w cam

  • Requires Windows Environments (PC or MAC running VM ware)

  • No internet connection required

  • Free support and ongoing updates

  • Optional plugin packages for online practice drills

  • Works with ANY targets, single or multiple

  • Added support for recoil-simulating training pistol when used with LASR Classic Advanced Camera

  • LASR Community for posting and sharing custom drills and challenges

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FInd the LASR solution that is best for you.  Compare the features for both LASR X and LASR Classic

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