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Advanced compatibility with LASR Classic allowing for the use of infrared and recoil training aids.

LASR Classic Advanced Camera

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  • Advanced compatibility with LASR Classic allows for the use of infrared and recoil training aids.


    Camera Features:

    The LASR Advanced Camera is a versatile camera specially built for LASR and non-typical laser training devices. This includes infrared laser devices, recoil laser devices, and devices that fit both of those categories. It is also still able to work fine with regular visible laser training devices if desired. In addition, it has several capabilities that normal webcams do not have.


    This product includes the LASR Advanced Camera and a single activation key for the Advanced Camera extension within LASR. The activation key is included in the printed instructions that come with the camera. The extension includes the drivers and controls for using LASR in both infrared and recoil modes. If you already have the camera and only need the extension, you can purchase it here.


    The LASR Advanced Camera features include a tripod mounting option (1/4"-20 common thread) and a 6 1/2 foot USB 2.0 cable inside a 3D Printed Case. In addition, it comes with the standard 6mm manual focus lens, which offers a 35-degree field of view (~37 in @ 5ft).

    Wide-angle and optical zoom are additional options that normal webcams cannot do, but the LASR Advanced Camera can. Optical zoom allows you to put the camera even further from your targets, and wide-angle allows you to put more targets within the camera's view. Additional lenses to accomplish this are available in our online shop here.

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