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🔫World's Largest Gun Show, Really?🎪

I've been there. And it seems so long ago. . .

I was looking at events that impacted the firearms community in the US, and I vaguely remember news that seemed irrelevant.

It will be 32 years ago on August 24th since

The Los Angeles County, Calif., Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to ban the Great Western Gun Show, billed as the "World's Largest Gun Show" from the Pomona fairgrounds where it had been held for the last 30 years.

Having been raised in SoCal, I remember the Pomona Show Fairgrounds as a place to go for all the huge "shows".

Computer Show, Home and Garden Show, you name it. The Pomona Show Fairgrounds, nestled between the 10 and 210, was the place for these shows.

The insinuation was that criminals were buying their guns at these gun shows. (See Article here). The exhibitors sued and lost in 2002 (See Case Summary here). Ultimately it pulled its tent stakes and relocated to Las Vegas, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun--

. . .annnnnnnnnd until Americans regain control of California's politics, it doesn't seem like it will stop. Instead, the gangrene is wont to spread to other states.

What a lot of folks don't realize is we get a lot of store visitors and customers from the three most ANTI-American/ANTI-Gun cities, LA, NYC & CHI. This tells me despite the ANTI-American/ANTI-Gun nonsense spewed by the Left; there is a thirst for resources and tools to train privately.

Maybe one day, we'll make it to a Steel Challenge event or GSSF Match in California! However, until then--to our customers and followers--we'll serve and meet you all at the front door of

Until we meet! Cheers, Ben


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