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Is it safe to go in?🚫👍

From time to time, I discover informational pages and resources that help our folks in the 2A Community become wiser consumers.

I am specifically talking about where we spend our hard-earned money in places that don't hate you as a gun owner who carries for self-defense.

While there is no real way for me to verify every site or entry, this is meant for informational purposes only and is shared with a caveat emptor. But as gun owners, I believe we are wise enough to discern if a business has a policy of being firearm friendly or not vs. just a troll site--after all, we're entrusted with being responsible enough to carry a gun.

Additionally, there are times when time or circumstances don't give you an alternative where to shop until the free market's Parallel Economy catches up and gives us an alternative.

I'd love it if I could do all my shopping for groceries, jeans, and guns in the same store again.

Here is a site I discovered, and it comes from the LASR's birth state of Nebraska. It's just a few miles up the road from our office in Beatrice.

Hosted by, besides listing establishments that are firearm UN-friendly, they list themselves as--

. . . your Nebraska connection for concealed handgun permit (CCW) training, hunter safety education, NRA instructor courses, and a broad spectrum of firearm classes.

If you know of other resources that help ID where firearms owners are considered a welcome part of their business, shoot us a message, and we'd be happy to post about them to help others in the LASR Nation and the 2A Community.

Don't be embarrassed to say 2A isn't about hunting.




Also, when you're ready, here are a few ways we can help--

  1. Join our free community on Facebook at (The LASR Nation)

  2. Ultimately you prove your all dry fire practice with live fire. You can check ammo prices here.

  3. Looking for the best in first aid or medical kits? We recommend the Mountain Man Medical Kits. It's the same one we have in our office! Created by Doc McLaughlin, a Navy Corpsman who knows how to keep Marines stitched together!

  4. Check out Brownell's discounts for August--

    • $20 Off Orders $200+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG20

    • $55 Off Orders $500+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG55

    • $120 Off Orders $1000+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG120

    • Not valid on firearms, powder, primers, and certain brands

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