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US Treasury Inspector General report: IRS Agents had more accidental than intentional discharges

By now, most Americans have seen many videos floating across the internet of IRS recruitment activity in colleges involving careless "gunplay" in the Adrian project scenarios. In some cases, it is being downplayed as just college students with trainers and not actual IRS agents with guns.

Recruiting videos from 2008-2019 show careless weapons handling (albeit INERT) under the supervision of instructors/trainers.

We are blogging about this to show what many firearms instructors know. Just because you have a gun or your job says you can have a gun doesn’t mean you always know what you are doing.

You need to engage in consistent #deliberatepractice. To all our good instructors, there is a need for you!

Click on the images to see the videos.

Watch Dan Bonino starting at 34:17

In all fairness, these are college students and NOT actual IRS-CIs, but they are being “supervised” by what we can only assume are IRS instructors.

Here is some of what the IG reported from the same periods as the videos--

  • IRS agents assigned to the Criminal Investigation division regularly failed to stay up to date with training or to report incidents of improper firearms use, according to a 2018 report from the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration.

  • The 2012 report not only found that IRS agents fired their weapons by accident more times than intentionally, but that the agency concealed details about the accidental discharges.

For an article with links to the full IG Report, click here.

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