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🦶Stomp on the Accelerator🏎️

The summer is wrapping up, which means the heat and humidity in Texas will keep climbing for 2 more months. That's why it's a perfect time to take some of that training indoors. Dry-fire is perfect for that.

Yeah, I know the saying is trained how you fight. Realistically, right now, I'm a high percentage 95% AC indoors guy. So the chances I'm going to get into a fight outdoors in this Texas 110 heat index will be super low, trust me. But yes, you never know.

Oh, what's that, you say, but you need a drill to practice?

We have you covered there too.

For several years, we've teamed up with the great folks at to sponsor the Shooter Ready Challenge Videos. Each month there is a new video with a drill for you to practice.

You can also enter their monthly drawing to win some free products. This month Riley Bowman does a teach & talk using the USPSA Steel Challenge stage SC-105 called Accelerator using our Steel Challenge dry fire posters and LASR Software. We know not everyone plans to do a competition, but the stages are a great way to improve your draw, target transition, and strategy on the target order of engagement. Best of all, you are working on these critical skills using gamification, so your mind and body will have fun learning and be less likely to get fatigued. Ultimately, you can check your times and see how they might compare to actual competition times--you never know, Steel Challenge might be your thing! Set up your dry fire dojo today by heading to our store at

See you at the range!




Also, when you're ready, here are a few ways we can help--

  1. Join our free community on Facebook at (The LASR Nation)

  2. Ultimately you prove your all dry fire practice with live fire. You can check ammo prices here.

  3. Looking for the best in first aid or medical kits? We recommend the Mountain Man Medical Kits. It's the same one we have in our office! Created by Doc McLaughlin, a Navy Corpsman who knows how to keep Marines stitched together!

  4. Check out Brownell's discounts for August--

    • $20 Off Orders $200+ (Excluding Firearms). Use Code AUG20

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