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Mastering Transitions with Steel Challenge's Smoke & Hope on SHOOTER READY CHALLENGE - February 2023

Riley Bowman from is back again with the February episode of Shooter Ready Challenge. This time, Riley walks us through another famous Steel Challenge Competition stage.

Are you ready to take your shooting game to the next level? Then hang on to your holster because this month focuses on mastering transitions with Smoke & Hope! Riley helps you dial in the fundamentals of this seemingly easy but deceptively challenging stage. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to apply the gas when it's time and set yourself up for success in competition!

The Smoke & Hope stage setup is relatively easy and straightforward, but that doesn't mean it's a piece of cake. The stage consists of five steel plates, two at 7 yards, two at 9 years, and the smaller stop plate at 14 yards. While seemingly simple, mastering this stage requires deliberate practice because it reveals fundamental weaknesses—especially grip, trigger control, and transitions to achieve accurate speed. The goal is to shoot fast and stay under control as you move your gun between targets. Applying too much gas will result in missed shots or targets not being engaged quickly enough, whereas applying too little gas could cost valuable seconds off your total time score!

To get into the nitty-gritty details of mastering transitions for this stage, Riley goes over proper stances and other key points essential for success in all the stages. Then, using LASR X and the LASR dry fire poster, he discusses breaking down your performance into smaller segments so you can focus on honing each piece separately before putting them all together into one seamless string of fire. In addition, Riley shares some great tips about what works best for him during practice sessions and helpful advice about dealing with common frustrations when competing at higher levels. Best of all, his methods are applicable across multiple action shooting matches, so no matter what level shooter you are or what type of competition you participate in, these tips will give you a leg up! If you're looking for an edge in your next match or want some pointers on improving your overall shooting skillset, be sure to check out Riley Bowman on February's Shooter Ready Challenge episode. His approachable yet comprehensive style makes it easy for shooters of any experience level to pick up new techniques and sharpen their existing skillset while getting an inside look at how one of today's top instructors and shooters prepares himself mentally and physically for success in competition! So don't wait - watch now and prepare to take your game up a notch!


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