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Are you loaded, or was that the question🤨⁉️

The loaded question, it's all in how you ask it.

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but all of us, sooner or later, we'll run into someone who lives in the echo chamber and demands we answer for why we own a gun. It becomes obvious because we recognize the poison-tipped talking point hidden below the surface.

In his recent op-ed piece in The Federalist, John Lott calls out a May survey reported by NPR and PBS News Hour where it was reported. . .

Americans supposedly believed curbing gun violence was more important than protecting gun rights.

Dr. Lott shows how rephrasing the question from a loaded question to a more balanced, unbiased question reveals a different picture altogether.

Check out his Op-Ed article here at this link (Click Here)




On a side note, I also want to point out that in my preparation for this short post, I used ChatGPT to give me a list of 10 commonly loaded questions to use as an example. It refused to do so every time. Only after my 4th attempt did it finally capitulate--but with a caveat. Apparently, AI seems to possess more scruples than Main Stream media.

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