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Dryfire With LASR X To Keep Your Hits And Bank Account In The Black

It's no secret that the number of folks who say they've been to the range is dropping. One reason for this is cost and people's hesitancy to use their ammo cache for practice. The other reason usually cited is lack of time; as we get busier, many people find it hard to fit a trip to the range into their schedules. Thankfully the tried and true technique of dryfire practice is still around and taught by the faithful and knowledgable few.

Our LASR X dryfire product has been receiving great reviews lately, and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our customers and those who stopped by our booth at ShotShot 2022! LASR X is a great product that is helping people save on ammo and time.

Here are some problems that LASR X solves:

  • You can dry fire at home to save $$ on ammo.

  • Practice wherever you want; no range fees.

  • No time wasted driving to and from a firing range.

  • You can safely practice techniques you've learned in class or with your team before turning to live fire.

Dryfire never replaces live fire, but live fire is used to prove the effectiveness of what you've been practicing when in dryfire.

It's no secret that people who take advantage of this have been seeing better results! The reason is simple: when you spend more time with something, you become better at it! So if you've been looking for an inexpensive way to improve your marksmanship without wasting money, ammo, or time, give LASR X a try!

The folks at Concealed Carry have published a fantastic article listing 14 of the best dry fire training tools to guide you on your concealed carry lifestyle. Check it out!

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