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2021 Year End NICS Checks Are In!

The FBI's December 2021 NICS Stats are in. How does 2021 compare with the number busting 2020 year?

*Numbers below are rounded to the nearest Ten Thousand

In the last post, we wrote how 2021 started with January's numbers almost 2X that of 2020 (4.32M vs. 2.70M) but after June there was a continued decline in NICS checks per month hitting its lowest point in November at 0.91M.

Closing off December and EOY 2021 December ended 2021 with a--

  • monthly average of 3.24M checks, for

  • an annual Total of 38.88M NICS checks

  • 0.82M less than last year.

However, 2021 is still the second-largest year for NICS checks. If 2020's NICS yielded an estimated 8.0M new firearms owners I'd anticipate the Second Amendment Community may have welcomed another group of Americans the size of the NYC this last year.

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