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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about LASR dry fire solutions and products

  • Can I use moving targets?
    LASR is not recommended or supported for use with moving targets. Many of our users have done this by ensuring even lighting. But we do not currently support that use case. Moving targets produce a lot of changing light and LASR is not built for this use case. So it will not take a snapshot of the screen or provide any other practical feedback, etc. This is why it is not a good idea to do this, even if you can get it working. If moving targets are a requirement for you, projector-based systems are currently the only semi-practical way of accomplishing this.
  • I already own LASR Classic. Can I use that license for LASR X?
    LASR Classic and LASR X are different products.
  • Is there an upgrade price to upgrade from LASR Classic to LASR X?
    No. LASR X is a separate product; it cannot be upgraded.
  • Can I exchange LASR Classic for LASR X?
    If you are within the 30-day return/exchange period, yes.
  • Will you continue to offer LASR Classic in the future?
    LASR Classic, as a product, is not going anywhere. LASR Classic like LASR X has its unique specific use cases and strengths. LASR Classic works without internet connectivity. It also has, features and functionality, advanced compatibility, and customization which LASR X does not currently have. However please note LASR Classic only works in a Windows Operating System.
  • I can't find LASR in the App store!
    LASR X is a web application accessed through your browser, not a specific application for a particular operating system. You can access LASR X by going to any page on our website, like this one, scrolling down and clicking on "Access LASR X," clicking the link in your original product email, or by visiting
  • Do I have to purchase different versions for different devices?
    If you purchase LASR X it will work on all devices via the web browser. You would access it like any other website on any device using your login information. LASR Classic is only for Windows devices.
  • How much data does LASR X use?
    In a multi-day test where LASR X was used for 10 hours per day, data usage averaged 2.1 MB per day. That is about 0.2% of a GB for an entire day of use.
  • Multi-Room or Multi-Directional shooting?
    You can create a network of devices with LASR X for those purposes. This will allow you to watch in different directions, for example around the entire room or in separate rooms. You just need to switch it on and then connect more than one device. To do this, buy your plan and sign up for an account. Then choose a plan that lets you have two or more logins.
  • Can I use LASR Outdoors?
    LASR is not recommended or supported for outdoor use. It is possible, but it is not recommended. You will need to take care with the targets and keep them in the shade. In addition, you will need to make changes to your webcam settings. Once you are ready, LASR will want you to recalibrate your laser frequently (a simple button push will usually tell you when this is needed). This means using green lasers or infrared so that it works better outdoors and the camera can see it. We have done this on several occasions, including in front of people, as have many of our users. But, again, this is not a supported use.
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