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REQUIRES LASR CLASSIC - Additional functionality for the LASR Software

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  • To use these plug-ins, you must own the LASR Classic software.
  • Digital Licenses are emailed to the purchaser typically within 1-2 business hours during normal business hours between 0800 - 1700 CT.


A mid-to-high performance machine with a modern, multi-core processor is recommended for use with this plug-in, as it places additional demand on your computer. In addition, a second webcam capable of at least 320x240 @30FPS is required. Built-in webcams are fine.

Shooter Watch Plugin

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  • Recording yourself shooting is nothing new, as many top shooters have been recommending it for years. The Shooter Watch Plug-in for LASR Classic seamlessly brings that ability to your dryfire practice with the added benefit of being fully integrated with the LASR Classic software and all other plugins.


    The LASR Classic Shooter Watch Plug-in lets LASR Classic use a second webcam to watch you, the shooter, so you can see what you're doing right or spot deficiencies. Position the camera wherever you want to capture those key moments in your practice and watch the recording while checking your results.


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