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It features a backdrop of Piney Woods in the southeastern US, similar to Talladega.  This version of our Scholastic Action Shooting Program dry fire posters is the perfect way to stay sharp and on target.  Now, you can work on any SASP stage regardless of weather or time constraints.


Looking for the original backdrop?  Check out the SASP Grassy Berm version!


  • Posters are printed on matte finish material of 8 mil - Polypropylene
  • The height of the posters is 24" (60.96 cm), and posters measure between 36" - 60" (91.44 - 152.4 cm) to maintain the correct perspective if you stand 5' (1.524 meters) from the posters.
  • Each poster has a 5' (1.524 meters) hash mark, so you kn