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This plugin pack includes our most popular LASR X Plugins to help you get the most form your dry fire training--


LASR X Templates & Scoring

Automatic and customizable scoring based on points, time penalties, and/or hit factor, as well as multi-zone target overlays for IPSC, IDPA, and bullseye targets.


LASR X Plate Rack Pack

Thirty-one challenges based on a standard 6-target plate rack. Variable scoring means you have multiple options for the target order. It also includes an exclusive "Call Targets" challenge type with unique scoring and a special "ACE" badge system.


LASR X Export Results

Looking to get the most out of your LASR X data? With the Timesheet Export Plugin, you can easily export your most recent string of fire results as a handy .csv file. This plugin is a must-have for any LASR X user, perfect for further analysis or sharing with colleagues. And because the file is saved locally on your device, you can access it anytime, anywhere.

LASR X Dry Fire Plugin Pack

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