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The Laser Training Pistol (LTP)

UPDATED: March 10, 2023: The latest NRA Convention was full of new and exciting training tools and techniques. One of the most interesting new entries is The Laser Training Pistol (LTP) by SIMGUNS.

We say "new" because SIMGUNS has created a brand-new device hitting the market (expected to be generally available by EO 3Q''22). However, SIMGUNS is not new to the space. It has been involved in the technology and fabrication of laser training devices for many years when laser training was not readily available to the consumer market.

Here is their newest entry in the laser trainer market The Laser Training Pistol, or LTP for short.

The Laser Training Pistol is a very promising new product. It comes with interchangeable slides, one of which houses a red visible pulse laser and the other an infrared (IR) laser. This makes it very easy to swap between the two lasers, which is useful for training. IR lasers are especially helpful in preventing shooters from "riding the laser" or "chasing the laser," a habit to watch out for when training with laser aids.

This condition occurs when the user skips the sights but watches the laser dot walking it into the target shot after shot. It feels similar to point shooting which has its place, but it's not ideal when you're dry firing to develop and improve your trigger press, sight picture, sight alignment, and other fundamentals.

The price of the LTP hasn't been set yet, but we're hearing that the dual slide kit will be around $300. Overall, we're very impressed with the LTP and can't wait to see it on the market as another option to get folks to train.

We pulled the specifications sheet off their website; however, the image differs from the device we tested.

LTP Specifications sheet
Download PDF • 240KB

So here is what we measured from the device we have

​Weight with magazine

17.75 Oz

Weight of Frame

9.88 Oz

​Weight of Magazine

7.88 Oz

Height (Top of Sights to Bottom of Mag)

5.35 In

​Slide Length

7.25 In

Width, grip

1.12 In

Width, slide

1.00 In

If you want, you're interested in knowing more about The LTP by SIMGUNS, let us know, and we'll keep you posted as the release draws closer.


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