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SIMGUNS Laser Training Pistol: Meet the LTP17

A little over 10 months ago, an all-black polymer laser trainer was put in my hands at the NRA Convention in Houston. I first wrote about it in June.

SIMGUNS originally planned to have their newest entry in the laser trainer market, The Laser Training Pistol, or LTP for short available around Q3'22. Jump forward to Q1'23, and they have finally released the trainer.

SIMGUNS LTP17 and interchangeable laser module

According to SIMGUNs founder Fred Swensen, it took them a bit longer as they wanted to redesign some components to create a generally available model with a metal slide as opposed to an all-polymer trainer and produce easily swappable laser modules not only in visible light (Red or Green) but also in different IR wavelengths (IR 750 nM & 850 nM) as well. In addition, the magazines are proprietary to the LTP17 but removable so that you can practice reloads.

The slides are offered in different colors--from their site, but we're running with blue. Their slides use Glock-ish sights so any aftermarket sights that fit your Glock will fit the LTP17.

Zeroing in the laser is done by adjusting four (4) set screws at the muzzle of the trainer. The LTP17 is a pulsed laser, which only turns on for a few milliseconds each time the trigger is pulled. Two (2) LR44 batteries power the laser, and a pack of 20 will cost about $5 on

Amazon. But don't go out and buy batteries right away. According to their engineer, the microcontroller will conceivably let those fresh batteries last your LTP17's life.

The price of the LTP17 on their website is $299, which is what we were told last year (i.e., $300). It INCLUDES both a red laser AND a 750nM IR laser module. Our trainer has been on the road to get feedback and some wear and tear behind the trigger, which has held up very well. This does not surprise us, as SIMGUNS has been making white-labeled custom laser trainers for other companies' systems for some time now. Although they are working with other resellers, they have offered us the opportunity to take preorders to get into their channel and fill whatever we order in May.

The LTP17 is not designed after any specific gun on the market, but it has similarities to many of the most common semi-autos available at your local gun store.

So here is what we measured from the device we have.

​Weight with magazine

29.88 Oz

Weight of Frame

20.88 Oz

​Weight of Magazine

8.88 Oz

Height (Top of Sights to Bottom of Mag)

5.38 In

​Slide Length

7.13 In

Width, grip

1.22 In

Width, slide

1.00 In

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Despite the fact that they are collaborating with other resellers, they have extended us an offer to place preorders in order to gain access to their channel and fulfill any orders placed in May.


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