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Looking to add a red dot to your SIRT?

When we go to expos, conferences, and shows, folks often ask folks for options to put a Red Dot on their SIRT.

So back in Sept, we asked folks in LASR Nation if we found a place that was familiar with the milling required to put on an optic who wanted to know. 10,000 folks read the email, so we wanted to keep you posted as soon as we found one.

We can finally say we found one such shop, and it seems that many folks who know SIRTs use them to do the milling work. Click here to see the folks at C&H Precision (CHPWS) will do the milling on your SIRT starting at $99.

They have additional services and options you can choose from.

We think $99 is a fantastic price from what I saw earlier in the year when we started searching. However, they even threw in a 5% discount if you use the code below at checkout! Go directly to their site and take a look.

You can also stop and pick up one of these new SIRTs from our store. NOTE: Metal Slides ONLY if you want to the milling done over at C&H Precision Weapons.

Give them a look and let us know what you think! We'll be boxing some of our demo SIRTs up as soon as we get some red dot sights for the next event! So let us know what red dot you're using!

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