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LASR Nation Live - Firearms instruction for the new environment with Don Gulla

This one is rather impromptu and short notice as we originally planned to do a prerecorded session. However, we are interested to field questions from the 2A Instructor Community. So, we decided at the last minute to do this as a live stream session.

As some of you may know I had a chance to speak with quite a few of you instructors from the LASR Nation community.

Thank you to those who took my unannounced call. Whether you were in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hawaii, Alaska, PNW, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and many other towns, I truly appreciated you sharing the nuances of the firearms training space as you experienced it.

I heard what was going well and your struggles as you are making a go at it as a business. So I reached out a Sgt Don Gulla, whom I had the honor and pleasure to meet at USCCA in 2021 and again in ILEETA 2022. He has been using LASR Classic as one of his tools to train his students and fellow instructors for quite some time. Here is one of many YouTube videos featuring Don in this case using LASR Classic in his instruction.

Don, has graciously offered to go on a Livestream session to discuss how he combines teaching strategies, techniques, and technology to deliver his instruction.

To find out more about Don Gulla and his background click here (EXECUTIVE SUMMARY)

Whether it is to a church group needing to train their constituents to carry for protection or an executive protection team, Don can lay out what instructors should consider as they plan and deliver efficacious instruction to their students.

Please join us from 2:30 - 3:30 CT as @LASRapp on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn may not approve us. If you wish to ask questions, Facebook is currently the only platform that allows real-time questions on our stream.

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