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Competitive archer uses LASR to train at home for pistol matches.

One of the best things about LASR is that it puts firearms training within the budget of many firearms owners. Regardless of the time of day, the weather outside, or access to a live fire range, you can still improve your firearms skills.

LASR adds technology that most gun owners already have to the time-tested technique of dry fire to improve your shooting skills. Pair it with a SIRT Pistol by Nextlevel Training or a laser cartridge, and you have fun--yes, fun--as you spend less on ammo and range fees while you practice in the privacy of your own home, all the while improving your shooting fundamentals. Dynamic dryfire with LASR is a healthy extension of your 2A lifestyle and never a replacement for live fire or instructor-led lessons.

We like to showcase videos of folks across our great country using LASR.

Our video comes from Juliet, she shoots competitively in USPSA Open C, and IDPA carry optic, and she just started PCC. She also competes/competeed in archery, almost taking second place in her State before a tournament-ending injury. Her competitive spirit would not let her stop that's when she switched over to the pistol. The video shows her using a SIRT pistol by NextLevel Training, and I understand she also uses a CoolFire Trainer for her Shadow 2.

Interestingly, she uses a projector to project her targets and the LASR Classic to track her shots. We've been asked about using a projector, and we often say it's not officially supported, but as you can see, Juliet does just that. All y'all in LASR Nation have more use cases I have never tried than a barrel of snakes has curves, and we love it! Have a question for her, post them here.

If you have a video, post of a drill, technique, or news you want to share with all of us US Constitution-loving American folks in LASR Nation, send it to us at, and we'll see about letting folks know!

Catch other videos by folks just like you, me, and Julia across our great LASR Nation! WATCH THEM HERE!


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