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Got Ammo?

One of the benefits of dry fire is that its saves ammo as you work on the important fundamentals of shooting. This way, you are not smoking through that precious box of ammo as you work on establishing a proper sight alignment and then perfecting a clear and correct sight picture to get to the smoother trigger press. However, the only true way to prove and confirm all that training and hard are going in the right direction is to go to the range and fire live ammo. Now, imagine your ammo supply being replenished while you dry-fire practice!

While we can't get the ammo fairy to come by and sprinkle power pistol powder in the garden, we can get the UPS guy to come close. Maybe it's just me, but when the Virus and the lockdowns first hit, I figured surely, I could extend what I had with dry fire, my existing ammo cache, AND my reloading supplies. Ultimately though, you have to "replenish your consumables" (those are among some of my wife's wise words to me)

When you're ready to move from the dry fire range to the live range, you can now check prices and place orders through Lucky Gunner. I prefer to establish a short list of reliable suppliers or the things I need to save time and money.

Full disclosure when you do order with this link, Lucky Gunner helps us out a bit with a small commission.

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