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Glock 17 and 19 Owners Will Love This New SMART Dry Fire Mag

If you own a Glock 17 or 19, you'll love the new SMART DryFireMag from our friends at This new proprietary laser cartridge couples with a special dryfire mag via Bluetooth to allow you to dry fire without having to rack the slide each time. The design is almost identical to their standard dry fire mags, but with the added tech of the laser cartridge and app for your smartphone to tune the laser cartridge. So if you've ever wanted to dry fire with your firearm, they've done it for you!

Dry Fire with SMART DryfireMag Training Benefits

Dry fire training is a great way to hone your skills and improve your accuracy without going to the range. You can do it in the comfort of your home and don't need any live ammunition. Think of time convenience, savings on ammo, and range fees. This should translate to less resistance and obstacles to getting in training between range sessions or lessons.

The new SMART DryFireMag makes dry fire training even easier and more realistic if you own one of the compatible Glock Firearms. With the laser cartridge in your actual firearm (rendered safe and clear of ammo, of course), you get to use your actual kit, and you get the feel of manipulating the gun you run with and looking down the same sights. (Note: the trigger will feel slightly different due to the mechanism used to avoid re-racking the slide).

Built around the 9mm parabellum cartridge, it will work in the following Glock models--

  • G17

  • G19

  • G19x

  • G26

  • G34

  • G45

  • G47

If you couple that with LASR Classic or LASR X, you can work on time and focus on accurate speed precisely because you don't have to rack the slide. You'll get feedback and diagnostics on your shots using your chosen targets. (Click here to see more about LASR Classic or LASR X).

So for all you Glock-o-philes who want to geek out on tech AND get in your training, check out the SMART DryFireMag from our friends at

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A fantastic alternative to traveling to the range slope game for honing your abilities and improving accuracy is dry fire training.

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