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Firearms Trainer's Podcast S3 EP 12

LASR Enhancements to Help Instructors

Back in April I had a chance to talk with Rob Beckman from the Firearms Trainer's Podcast to talk about LASR and how it it's an excellent tool for Firearms Trainers in their business. Both LASR X and LASR Classic can be used to identify, instruct and correct students issues they are experiencing on the live range, but using dry fire. The techniques and drills can be recreated for use at home without the need of ammo. All you need is LASR and the requisite hardware to practice with.

I met Rob while attending the first annual Guardian Conference put on by Concealed Carry. What I discovered when talking with him is his target podcast audience are firearms instructor's and their businesses. Just from looking at our list of folks in LASR Nation who are registered firearms instructors many of you might like the content on his podcast. So, if you haven't yet discovered it check it out Firearm Trainer's Podcast For American Firearm Instructors on your favorite podcast app.

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