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Introducing our 3D Resin-Printed Fiber Optic Sights for SIRT 110 - the perfect upgrade for shooters seeking enhanced sight picture acquisition! Designed as a superior alternative to standard black sights, these fiber optic sights are crafted to elevate your dry fire training experience.


These are almost a must if you are training with an IR laser.


Key Features:

  • Faster Sight Picture Acquisition: The 3D resin-printed Fiber Optic Sights for SIRT 110 are engineered to facilitate quicker and more precise sight alignment, ensuring you stay on target easily.

  • Vibrant Color Options: Choose from our selection of Green, Red, or Orange 2mm dots to customize your sights according to your preference. These bold colors add a touch of personalization and significantly enhance visibility in various lighting conditions.

  • Durable 3D Resin Construction: Crafted with high-quality 3D resin, these sights are built to withstand the rigors of shooting activities while maintaining a lightweight profile for optimal balance and handling.



  • Improved Target Focus: The fiber optic draws your eyes to the sights and allows for rapid target acquisition.

  • Versatile Dot Sizes: The availability of 2mm dots in Green, Red, or Orange caters to individual preferences, ensuring you can select the dot size that suits your shooting style and visual acuity.

  • Easy Installation: Upgrade your SIRT 110 effortlessly with our fiber optic sights, designed for a straightforward installation process. Enhance your shooting capabilities without the need for professional gunsmithing.


Compatibility: These Fiber Optic Sights are specifically tailored for the SIRT 110, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your firearm.


Get Ready to Illuminate Your Shooting Experience: Elevate your marksmanship with our 3D Resin-Printed Fiber Optic Sights for SIRT 110. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a novice, these sights provide the perfect balance of speed and precision. Choose your color, refine your sight picture, and take your shooting performance to new heights.


Upgrade today and experience the difference!

3D Resin Fiber Optic Sights SIRT 110

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