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LASR Nation Virtual Match 10/9

It's as simple as a good old postal match, folks - all on the honor system.

Use any laser trainer that you have available.

Virtual Postal Match Pendulum.jpg

Target & Gear


Now, folks, here's the lowdown on the target setup:

We're using the DryFire Target for Pendulum (SC106). Many of you have these posters already.  If not, they are available in our store at this link.

The same target will be used for all strings of fire.

If you hang them so the hash mark is 5' off the ground and stand back 5', the LASR posters are scaled to give you the (i) angle of movement during transitions, (ii) size and perspectives of the target as if you were in the center of the shooters box on match day.

We're going for time and accuracy so you'll want to record the best 4 out of 5 strings. Here's the Pistol course of fire:

  1. Hang the target so that the hash marks on each side of the target are at 5'.

  2. Now, step back 5' from the target.

  3. Depending on what you are shooting, SIRT, PCC (SIRT STIC) Laser Rifle (LTR 22) take the appropriate starting position. (e.g., Low Ready Holstered)  (refer to Appendix D of SCSA Rulebook here if unsure)

  4. Upon the buzzer, shoot the plates in any order with a minimum of 1 shot per plate, shooting the STOP Plate (indicated by the red stick) last.

  • Record the time of your first string  (Take a screenshot

  • Record the time of your second string  (Take a screenshot)

  • Record the time of your third string  (Take a screenshot)

  • Record the time of your fourth string  (Take a screenshot)

  • Record the time of your fifth string  (Take a screenshot)

Discard the worst time out of your five strings and add up the remaining 4 fastest times for your total stage time.

Then, upload your total stage time and images. We'll update it on our homemade leaderboard.

Ready to show your skills?

Screenshot 2023-10-09 144859_edited.png
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