Shoot for USA Gold

Do you you have what it takes to medal?

Here's your chance to try and shoot like an Olympian!

Interested in shooting the same courses of fire as do our Olympians from USA Shooting?


LASR has you covered with our Men's 25 Meter Rapid Fire. This is the same Olympic Shooting course of fire used in competition and will help test your firing line skills. It's one of the five Olympic Pistol Shooting Events.


With LASR, you're getting involved with a sport that takes practice and determination - just like making it to the Olympics. Shooting at steel, cardboard, and paper targets is one thing - but this takes your training up a notch. You'll need all of those skills to make it to the Gold!


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  • You'll need a laser trainer, preferably one that does not need to be racked each time, like a SIRT.​


  • Use your firearm with a brass laser cartridge for your caliber.  However, unlike with a SIRT you'll need to rack the slide for each shot.  Ensure you have safely unloaded your firearm and that it is free of any live ammo.

  • A LASR X subscription so you can score the shots.  LASR X has a 30-day free trial so that you won't be charged right away.​​

  • Computer or Smart Device with an Internet connection, webcam, and browser to access LASR X.  Yes, an iPhone, Android, or Tablet fits the bill.​​

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Laser Training Pistol

SIRT 110 Perfomer (Polymer Slide)

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Brass Laser Cartridge

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LASR X Monthly Subscription

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To find out more about USA Shooting, its athletes, rich traditions, and history, be sure to visit their website at USAShooting.org.

You can also support and sponsor the team and be part of the adventure!