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We received a lot of back-in-stock notification requests when our last AR Bolt sold.

We then offered pre-owned SIRT Bolts that were refurbished or new and folks snatched those up and that was it.

That was up until yesterday!

We've been given information on a production run for a limited supply.

What is the SIRT AR-Bolt by NLT?

 This self-resetting trigger device replaces your bolt carrier and activates a shot-indicating laser, allowing you to train with real-world scenarios. With the SIRT-AR Bolt, you can improve your shooting accuracy and speed and practice weapon manipulation and transitions between primary and secondary weapons. So improve your skills today with the SIRT-AR Bolt!
  • Designed for advanced dry fire training
  • Convert your AR-15 in 20 seconds
  • Adjustable shot indicating comes your choice of a visible red laser, visible green laser, or 780 nm IR laser*
  • SIRT-AR Bolt works with your upper on your lower
  • Replaces your bolt carrier
  • Universal to fit all Mil-Spec AR Triggers
  • NOT compatible with Colt AR/M4’s that have Full auto selectors
  • Enables your lower’s trigger to auto-reset
  • Not rackable
  • Uses Lithium CR123 Batteries
  • Made in the USA
*Important: For LASR to work with infrared laser training aids, it needs to use a camera capable of seeing infrared. The recommended and supported way is to use the LASR Advanced Camera.

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