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  In the next few days, we'll make GSSF Match Dry Fire Posters Available

Only 50 Starter Kits Will Be Made Available

We stopped the presses, and we're making them for you.

We heard you wanted us to produce individual posters for each GSSF Match Stage. So, we went to work.


We've created these targets to encourage folks to get into competitive shooting sports. One of the most popular competitions is the GSSF Match, held worldwide; folks at LASR are also registered members. So we've created these posters to help everyday folks train so they can get into the action.

  • Each poster is 24" (60.96 cm) tall.


  • Posters range anywhere from 36" (91.44 cm)  and 48" (121.92 cm)  in width.

  • Images are sized so the shooter can stand 5' (1.524 meters) from the targets and get the correct visual perspective.

  • All posters are printed on 15 - mil / 400 gsm vinyl with a matte finish for durability.

  • Each poster has a 5' (1.524 meters) hash mark, so you know the height to hang the poster.

The Starter Set will include --


  • Five To Glock - Version I

  • Glock 'M - Version I

  • Glock 'M - Paper

  • Glock The Plates

We will make the other versions of the GSSF Outdoor Stages at a later date.

See How You Easy You Can Train For Your Next Match

Here's our friend Riley Bowman, Instructor from Concealed Carry Inc, demoing a similar dryfire poster (but on paper) for the Steel Challenge Stage - Smoke & Hope

Video or Riley Bowan of CCI talking about LASR Dry Fire Posters

This product is independent of any affiliation with Glock, its affiliates, and its partners. Neither of these parties has been involved in creating or approving this offering; all legally recognized trademarks, logos designs, and service marks remain exclusive to their rightful owners.

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