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REQUIRES LASR CLASSIC - Additional functionality for the LASR Software

  • A whole new level of feedback
  • Instant Email Delivery (No Shipping Required)
  • Free support and updates


  • To use this plugin, you must own the LASR Classic software.
  • Digital Licenses are emailed to the purchaser typically within 1-2 business hours during normal business hours between 0800 - 1700 CT.

Target Templates Plugin

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The LASR Community includes a user-driven library of target templates that can be used with this plugin. 

    This plugin includes a variety of pre-formatted target zones with sub-zones for various common targets, including IPSC, IDPA, bullseyes, FBI-Q, and much more! In addition, with the Target Scoring Plugin, you can assign different points or penalty values to the sub-zones to set up realistic courses of fire, with instantaneous and automatic scoring customized to your liking.

    Additionally, this plugin includes the ability to create your target templates for any target you can imagine. They can be simple shapes or complex multi-zone targets. You can also download templates made by other users from the LASR Community and upload your own for sharing.


    See Video

    Tutorial for this plugin

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