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Featuring a backdrop of Piney Woods in the southeastern US--similar to Talladega.  This version of our Steel Challenge Shooting Association dry fire posters is the perfect way to stay sharp and on target.  Now, you can work on any Steel Challenge stages regardless of weather or time constraints.


Looking for the original backdrop?  Check out the Steel Challenge Grassy Berm version!


  • Posters are printed on matte finish material of 8 mil - Polypropylene
  • The height of the posters is 24" and measure between 36" - 72" (91.44 - 182.88 cm) to maintain the correct perspective if you stand 5' (1.524 meters) from the posters (Smoke & Hope is 4.0' [1.22 meters] from the poster)
  • Each poster has a 5' (1.524 meters) hash mark, so you know the height to hang the poster.
  • If there are multiple shooter boxes on a stage, hash marks at the bottom of the posters indicate where the center of the box is located.


Plates and rectangles are sized to match the perspective from the center of each stage's shooter's box.

Don't let anything stand in the way of your practice – work on any Steel Challenge course of fire!


Check out this impromptu video of us using the dry fire posters for some internet fun with our SIRTs and LASR Software.

Steel Challenge Posters (Piney Woods)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The 8 Stages available are:

    • SC-101 - 5 To Go (72")
    • SC-102 - Showdown (36" - 2 Posters - Left & Right shooter's box views)
    • SC-103 - Smoke & Hope (72")
    • SC-104 - Outer Limits (36" - 3 Posters - Left, Center & Right shooter's box views)
    • SC-105 - Accelerator (48")
    • SC-106 - Pendulum (36")
    • SC-107 - Speed Option (60")
    • SC-108 - Roundabout (48")

    Posters are also available for purchase as a full set.

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