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These are Pre-Owned SIRTs that were returned to us.  We have checked them over and know they are functional; however, they may not be under the manufacturer's warranty.


Utilize your existing AR-15 platform with the Infrared SIRT-AR Bolt to have a resetting trigger.

Pre-Owned SIRT AR Bolt

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$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • With the Infrared SIRT-AR Bolt, you can now train shooting with an offset, weapons manipulation, mag changes, presentation shots, transitions from primary to the secondary, and strong side to weak. This product brings together the outstanding value of the SIRT AR Bolt and the training advantages of infrared lasers for use with the LASR software.

    By replacing your bolt carrier with the Infrared SIRT-AR Bolt, you will be able to train with a self-resetting trigger that activates an infrared shot indicating laser in your rifle. Open the rear takedown pin, remove your bolt carrier, insert the SIRT-AR Bolt and trigger bar, close and latch the takedown pin and you are ready to train!

    • Designed for advanced dry fire training
    • Convert your AR-15 in 20 seconds
    • Adjustable shot indicating 780 nm IR laser
    • SIRT-AR Bolt works with your upper on your lower
    • Replaces your bolt carrier
    • Universal to fit all Mil-Spec AR Triggers
    • NOT compatible with Colt AR/M4’s that have Full auto selector
    • Enables your lower’s trigger to auto-reset
    • Not rackable
    • Uses Lithium CR123 Batteries
    • Made in the USA


    Important: For LASR to work with infrared laser training aids, it needs to use a camera capable of seeing infrared. The recommended and the supported way is to use the LASR Advanced Camera.